Because Chicago's airports are often difficult to get to, and regularly a pain to get through, residents of the northeastern counties of Illinois often use Milwaukee's Mitchell Field.
Mitchell's chief competitor remains Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on that city's north side. O'Hare is consistently one of the busiest and most congested airports in the nation. But it also offers a lot of flights at almost all hours of the day.

The Mitchell survey indicates that Milwaukee's airport is capturing the attention of a growing number of northern Illinois residents.

The survey company asked 400 consumers in the four northeastern Illinois counties bordering Wisconsin who flew two or more round trips in the past 12 months about their travel choices.
The article refers to the relatively easy drive (and ample long-term parking?) as working in Mitchell Field's favor.

Travellers have another option.

Perhaps, though, the absence of long-term parking at Glenview limits the number of passengers who choose the rail to air connection.

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