The Cult of the Presidency might be the best place to start.  Here's Charlotte Hays, counting the ways Hope is false and Change is for the worse.
A country can stand only so much of this kind of hope and change.

One of the reasons that things are turning bad for the Obama presidency is that Obama was elected on a purely chimerical notion: that the U.S. overreacted to September 11. With a special president like Mr. Obama, whose Muslim roots would give him insights into the world of Islam, and indeed make him more popular around the world than the cowboy from Texas, this happily could be reversed. U.S. power, which, after all was the heart of problem, would be pulled back under Obama
Unfortunately, his third-world-ophilia and his Chicago ward-heeler instincts simply enabled all sorts of dysfunction.
President Obama has latched onto shootings, which upon investigation, likely as not turn out not to have had a racial element, and exploited them for political gain.

The level of racial animosity in this country is higher now that any time in my memory. This may well be the worst part of President Obama's legacy. ObamaCare is going to collapse, and, if voters are wise, we will elect a president who will deal more effectively with the threat of terrorism, but racial animosity will linger. It is especially tragic that the man who could have brought us together tried to turn us against each other.

President Obama's other big ticket legacy item is a disrespect for our system of government. He has frequently bypassed Congress with his pen and phone, though ironically that makes most of these assertions of executive power reversible by the next guy or gal with a pen and phone. But terrible damage to the American system may, like racial hatred, be long-lasting.

As I write this the president and his family are creating one heck of a carbon footprint en route to the Christmas holiday in Hawaii. By all means, enjoy your vacation Mr. President. The nation could use a break--a long one--from your reign too.
And the people from his party who would like to succeed him would prefer to do so by default.
Busy Saturday night? Probably, what with the NCAA bowl games, the Jets’ must-win battle in Dallas and opening weekend for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” So you’ll skip the Democratic presidential debate — just as Hillary Clinton hoped.

Long, long ago, Clinton set out to ensure she wouldn’t be robbed of the nomination by some interloper, the way she lost to Barack Obama in 2008.

The party’s power-brokers played along, handing the Democratic National Committee to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a co-chair of Clinton’s ’08 campaign. Fix, in.

And so the DNC did its best to see nobody would watch the debates, lest voters dare think for themselves. Tomorrow’s is the second in a row on a Saturday night — easily the worst evening for TV viewership.
Since when does the Governmental Habit require people to think for themselves?  If Four of Five Experts agree, the Wise Experts will make Good Stuff happen, and all the voter has to do is select the straight Democrat ticket and pay taxes.

And that, dear reader, is the root cause of government failure.

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