DESTRUCTIVE GENERATION. Insta Pundit points to a David Weigel review pointing out the capture of the Democratic Party by earnest Silent Generation types and recovering hippies, precisely the cohort that these pages have long maintained bear primary responsibility for the coarsening of the culture and the malfunctions of the schools. Captain's Quarters offers thinking along similar lines:
[T]he preceding generation -- the Boomers -- have to be the most self-involved, self-referential generation this country has ever produced. For the boomers, the Me Generation has never changed; they hold onto the Vietnam War as a touchstone from which they draw their power, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it's been over for thirty years and the resultant massacres proved them terribly wrong. This presidential campaign gives us great examples of this dynamic at work. Howard Dean, for instance, once described the 1960s as a period of unprecedented national unity that he wanted to recreate as President. Boomer-fed groups such as International ANSWER create protests with tired, retreaded slogans from the 1960s complete with the music of the day.
It's more precise to define this cohort as the younger Silents and older Boomers, and to use the Freedom Rides as their touchstone -- nothing quite so tedious as one of those people who still views all of race relations as if Bull Connor is lettin' slip the dogs, and nothing quite so pathetic as one of those people wanting to secure for American blue-collar workers the kinds of protections against overseas competition that Jim Crow once offered to white workers -- but the characterization is otherwise spot on.

As for the consequences of the nonjudgemental, relativist culture this Destructive Generation has wished to impose on the rest of us, Captain's Quarters also nails it.
[I]t is impossible to overestimate the impact that 9/11 had on this group of voters. They grew up on the ascendancy of moral relativism and internationalism, constantly fed the line that there was no such thing as evil in the world, only misunderstandings. To have that stripped away in one morning where 3,000 of your fellow citizens died, especially without a longer experience in life, is (rightfully) catastrophic to such thinking. Suddenly, this generation found out that there are enemies and they wanted to kill Americans in large numbers, and that a good portion of what they'd been taught was drizzly pap.

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