THE BLUEPRINT FOR BIG RED SUBWAY U. Gary Berg does a hitch as a Phoenix facilitator. Note this.
However, third tier non-residential teaching institutions are likely to see increased competition. My guess is that the University of Phoenix must have noticed a large market opportunity to make such a major change in its policy, perhaps for students in the military and in their greatly expanding international market. Broadening its market represents a big change for the University of Phoenix, because one of its strengths has always been exploiting a niche market of first generation college and working adult students.
Will that be sufficient to equip graduates for promotion?
Unlike Research I or even regional comprehensive universities, the University of Phoenix is unlikely to have “star” faculty members. Mostly it utilizes many of the part-time faculty members that teach at other institutions, to supplement practitioners from industry. Since it uses a practitioner approach to faculty it naturally has trouble with general education courses required for undergraduate degrees.
That would be more of a problem if the traditional universities had a core general education program.

The Big Red Subway U: talk shop and call it college.

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