THE SHARE ECONOMY. Harvard's Martin Weitzman authored a book with that title, and he's just discovered it doesn't generalize to include recycling and home gardening.
An Ivy League economics professor, of all people, should know that a market economy is based on the principal [c.q.] of paying for goods and services. But Martin Weitzman, Harvard University's Ernest E. Monrad Professor of Economics, allegedly got caught in the act of swiping a truckload of horse manure Friday, police said. "You'd think he'd know better," Rockport horse farmer Charlie Lane said.
(Via University Diaries. Hey, Kerry, a purloined poop parable, with economists participating! And poopy copy-editing at the Boston Herald, to boot! And a call for jokes nailed to Newmark's Door.)

Here's a Weitzman story, possibly apocryphal. He has a reputation for listening to a presentation, then reviewing the presenter's premises at question time and declaring, "The conclusion is obvious." One presenter who received that treatment is supposed to have returned for another workshop, laid out the assumptions, and then asked, "What's the conclusion, Weitzman?"

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