IMPEDIMENTA. Just for fun, a few job listings from Inside Higher Ed.

Eastern Connecticut State seeks a Coordinator of Professional Development.
Responsibilities: lead in planning, administration and coordination of credit and non-credit course offerings, conferences, workshops, institutes, and on-site company training programs; coordinates arrangements for use of campus facilities by external groups.
What: the college raises revenue selling a less than adequate degree, and it raises additional revenue by selling what it should have sold in its courses as "workshops and institutes?"

California-Los Angeles (motto: On! Wisconsin!) seeks a Director of Campus Sustainability.
The appointee will have a proven track record in participatory leadership, with a demonstrated ability to foster collaborations across diverse constituencies in a large institution, and to inspire confidence and motivate groups to collectively meet common objectives. Knowledge of sustainability theories and current local, national, and global sustainability initiatives and best practices is essential. Skill at problem solving and critical thinking, and the ability to work independently are also required, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates must demonstrate ability to develop new projects within an academic setting, with an understanding of how to engender trust among various constituencies, how to design programs that advance strategic objectives and mission, and how to institutionalize and measure the success of new sustainability efforts.
What: the Biology Department couldn't dragoon a few students into making the recycling program ISO 14001 compliant as a service learning project?

Virginia seeks an Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost.
The individual in this position will serve as a key staff member whose primary responsibility will be to direct activities that support the senior associate provost and the provost. The assistant to the senior associate provost will assume responsibility for a wide range of duties that vary in size, scope, and level of complexity, such as: overseeing and coordinating the provost’s policy review process; overseeing the provost’s office Web presence; researching and preparing briefings; and designing and implementing research projects, costing studies, cost/benefit analyses, and policy analyses as requested by the senior associate provost. In addition, the assistant will represent the senior associate provost on various committees both within and outside the University, assuming a leadership role as needed. The successful candidate must be able to organize information in a logical and analytical manner and to prepare oral and written reports that are clear, concise, and thorough.
What: this job description is anything but clear, concise, or thorough. The Washington Monthly used to mock the proliferation of "assistant-to" positions in the national government, apparently to little effect elsewhere. Isn't the Associate Provost an assistant to the Senior Associate Provost? Or is this individual the civilian equivalent of a rear admiral's orderly?

That "assuming a leadership role as needed" means "the senior associate provost intends to blow off selected committees on a regular basis."

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