NOT A RECORD BREAKING COLD SNAP. From the Friday weather forecast:
By the way...the maximum number of nights in a row below zero in DeKalb and Sycamore is 20, set between January 12-31, 1963. We won't do it this year.
That was the cold snap including the weekend the North Shore Line died.

Another North Shore Line observation: I was reading through some vintage copies of Railroad that I recently received, and one of them reminded me that the 1965 extension of the Skokie Swift to Old Orchard and beyond was preempted by the Chicago and North Western, which rather quickly found the money to buy the North Shore Line trackage north of Dempster Street for "easier access to some industries." (The money might have been well-spent: the North Western reported profits on its commuter service in those days, and a few dollars on lightly-used spur tracks and a stretch of pretty good freight trackage might have kept a few carloads a day of commuters on the bi-levels.)

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