Chico State University president Paul Zingg has cracked down on all his fraternities, zoo or otherwise.
During a 45-minute meeting with about 250 campus Greeks today, Chico State University President Paul Zingg suspended all sorority and fraternity activities due to the alcohol-overdose death of a fraternity pledge and other matters.

There are 26 fraternities and sororities with about 1,200 members at Chico State.

Addressing about 250 students at noon in the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium, an angry Zingg said fraternity members don't get a "pass" when they "stand by idly and watch a brother gulp down 21 shots for his 21st birthday and then let him pass out in his own vomit."

When it's noticed he's not responsive and call for help, Zingg said, "you don't get a pass for calling 9-1-1 in a situation like that."
University Diaries sees in the culmination of double-secret probation the chance to re-set the campus culture.
She believes, as she wrote in the background post she linked to in her first paragraph, that all current Chico State students must be told to leave. All must transfer. A new class of students will then be admitted to a campus with permanently shut down fraternities and sororities.
One could devoutly wish that there also be a re-set of the faculty mind-set.  Something along the lines of "Your job is to say No and uphold standards, and as a credible commitment, Chico is closing all the student service offices whose primary function is to enable underachievers."

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