Intersectionality "theorists" are nuts.  "Present-day feminism has gone completely off the rails," argues Pajamas Media's Tom Knighton.  Wouldn't we have to call his metaphor sexist, too, as without fire and alphabets and mathematics, there wouldn't be any rails for real trains or stupid arguments to go off of?  Specifically.
I know plenty of women who prefer civilization to the uncomfortable and dangerous life of prehistory. Women dying at the ripe old age of "in childbirth"? Men being ripped apart by wild beasts as they battle to put sustenance on the rock that serves as their "table"? That may sound like utopia to the New York Times and Leonard Shlain, but let's see if they follow through and really live like that.

More importantly, how many feminists want to live like that?
Or, as Milton Friedman once had it, often the critics of the way things were would take the good things for granted and lay off all the ills on The System.

Perhaps the best response to people who gripe about the origins of fire, or the alphabet, or any other evolutionary stable strategy, is "check your privilege."

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