Maybe forty percent of today's high-schoolers are ready for college.  Boys and minorities hardest hit.  "The testing company said Wednesday that only 38% of graduating seniors who took the exam hit the college-prepared benchmark in at least three of the four core subjects tested — reading, English, math and science — down from 40%. And 34% did not meet any of the benchmarks, which are designed to measure a strong readiness for college."  When they get to college, there's not going to be much added value, suggests Charlie (Prof Scam) Sykes.  "Today's university gives lip service to educating students. I think this massive industrial-research complex that treats students like an afterthought has been building for some time. There was a time when the university was a place of the mind where you expected academic freedom, where if you graduated from that university you'd actually be an educated person. Those things aren't necessarily true anymore."  That's the concluding passage of a wide-ranging interview about Mr Sykes's recent Fail U.  It's summer, think of it as Prof Scam: The Sequel, and I have a copy on order.  By all means read the interview, he works a compliment to Hillary Clinton in!

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