Laura Flanders asks, "WTF White Women?"  She continues, "In terms of white women's voting habits, 2016 was bad—and 2018 was worse."

Worse, of course, means Not Giving the Enlightened Leftist What She Wants.
White women rained all over that new day dawning. Did they vote on the issues? Statistically, there aren’t enough anti-choice, anti-healthcare, anti-minimum wage, gun-mad voters out there to blame just conservative women.

So white women are either stupid or spoiled. I say spoiled.

We reap plenty of spoils from white supremacy. To name a few: we get to be race-less, sexy, vulnerable and at least relatively safe.

Structurally, the system’s set up such that white women earn more, own more, and live significantly longer than anyone else (except for our brothers and fathers and husbands and sons).

Single white women have, on average, 5 times more wealth than single black women, and white households have a staggering 13 times more wealth than black households.

Our life expectancy is above the national average, while the life expectancy of black women falls below.

We’re more likely to be cared for than killed when we’re having a mental health crisis and cops come to our door.

We’re more likely to be counseled than kicked out when we act up in school.

We’re way more likely to be hired and way, way less likely to be incarcerated. That’s in no small part because we’re more likely to be seen as beautiful and loved (in advertising, magazines and Hollywood), and far less likely to be seen as scary or a threat.

White supremacy spoils us, white women. It’s undeniable. Patriarchy, not so much. The particular patriarchs whom white women have put in office this November are on the record as anti-female. They’re even anti-white-female if you happen to be pregnant or foreign-born or poor or in imperfect health.

In 2016, I sought refuge in my superior, smart, anti-capitalist, queer difference.
Sounds like it's Laura Flanders who is spoiled, and perhaps hanging around among the stupid.

Her brain-sister Lily Herman was a little more courageous, venturing onto Twitter.

That did not turn out well, at least among the Militant Normals.
Let’s be honest, if Lily and others like her really think they can make Conservative women vote a certain way they’ve clearly never taken the time to talk to a real Conservative woman.

But good luck with that.
National Review's Alexandra DeSanctis has a more intellectual rebuttal.
In its sudden embrace of identity politics, the hardcore Left needs Americans to believe that feminism and progressivism are intertwined, and thus that every woman is intrinsically wired to embrace left-wing orthodoxy. The success of their political movement increasingly depends on it. As a result, when the existence of conservative women is revealed — as it was on election night — they dismiss our views and our votes as being the result of ignorance, malice, or insufficient independence from the sway of the misogynistic patriarchy.

In doing so, the Left undercuts the definitional core of feminism itself: Women can be trusted to think for themselves.
According to Goofy Laura Flanders, independent thinking is heretical. "We don’t want 2020 to roll around and wish that one hundred years ago we’d never given white women the vote."

On occasion, though, I dip into the world of Anonymous Neurotic Humanities Types with Cats, and I found The correct way to Woman.
I am in solidarity in fighting against problems and I do what I can do. But like most adult human beings, I resist being bossed around--resist it vigorously, in fact.

And men aren't the only ones who want to tell women how to Woman.
Her observation generalizes.
I think, though, that especially when a majority party and its leader is telling delighted followers what the One Best Way is, we ought to think twice before taking the advice of anyone on the other side who's telling us what their idea of the One Best Way to Woman might be. Your ideology does not oblige me to behave in the ways you dictate to me, even if it's correct and not crazypants.
That applies to self-styled thought-leaders on your own side, too, moreso if the suggestion is crazypants.

That is all.

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