The Canadian Pacific Holiday Trains are on their annual performance and fundraising tours across the United States and Canada.

Note that the United States train, which is currently on former Delaware and Hudson metals in New York, will finish its Eastern Lakes swing at Windsor, Ontario, on Friday, 30 November, and it will commence its Mississippi Valley swing on Sunday, 2 December, coming closest to Cold Spring Shops headquarters at Pingree Grove and Byron.

William K. Walthers is not going to pack the train into boxes at Windsor and set it up in Chicago, the way a model railroader does.  Rather, Canadian Pacific have running powers on CSX and Canadian National (!) between Windsor and Chicago via the Detroit River tunnel and Lansing, or dipping south into Ohio.

But an illuminated train on a host railroad might give the safety inspectors, or perhaps the marketing departments of the host railroads, pause.
After the Windsor stop on Nov. 30, the twinkling lights could be shuttered throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana thanks to "rail security and safety reasons," said CPR spokesperson Andy Cummings.

That would be a huge disappointment for communities where families have made a tradition of bundling up and cheering on the train's progress.
The railroad might advise media of the status of the lights by week's end.

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