Illini Tire ends a successful run.
A notable DeKalb business is shutting its doors after 42 years of service.

For Jim and Norma Anderson, running Illini Tire Co., 1031 W. Lincoln Highway, has been a family-focused adventure.

The husband-and-wife duo, co-owners and DeKalb natives, have been operating the tire business since 1976, after Jim, 74, returned from a stint in the Marine Corps, during which he served in Vietnam.

“I went to DeKalb High School and before I graduated, I figured I knew everything already, so I joined the Marine Corps,” Jim said. “Lo and behold, I didn’t know everything.” He said Vietnam was “the only bad thing” about his Marine Corps experience.
Food for thought.

Illini Tire kept the previous Cold Spring Shops staff car on the road.  There's a new one, that will call for a new supplier.  Fair winds.

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