History Channel's Vikings will resume on 28 November, and it appears that the pandering will continue.
New archaeological evidence is starting to emerge that also backs up not only the storylines in Vikings but the Viking sagas the TV series is based on that, sees women holding prominent positions of power, something that wasn’t evident in other cultures of the time.
Up to a point, perhaps. Last season, though, Forbes reviewer Erik Kain had to post his disappointment on deadlines.  Read it and lament.  The Saxons continue to fight badly.  The partnership of Rollo, Bjorn, and Halfdan to explore the Mediterranean found neither great golden bells nor mares of steel, although there were vow-transgressing nuns of dubious loyalty, cross-dressing eunuchs sent to lull the Northmen into a false sense of security, and a convenient sandstorm keeps Bjorn and Halfdan from starring in the world's first jihadi snuff video.  "What was the point?"  Lagertha proves to be more effective at seducing English rulers, including the odd bishop, than in securing alliances or waging war.  Mr Kain notes, "This show needs to do some serious soul-searching, at least in the writing department."  Will another disappointing season be in store?

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