NO STACK TRAINS IN CHINA. The trucks just back up.

The traffic jam is due largely to construction on the highway, which is supposed to go on for another month at least (ouch). Drivers stuck in the congestion, many of them truck drivers, would rather wait it out than take detours and pay more in gas. And to make matters worse, vendors from surrounding towns are gouging prices: "Instant noodles are sold at four times the original price while I wait in the congestion," one driver told Xinhua News Agency.

As s***ty as this traffic jam sounds, it's not the longest on record. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest traffic jam in history was 109 miles long between Lyon and Paris on one day
in 1980.

(Via Newmark's Door).

Perhaps it is no accident that one of the first grande vitesse lines in France runs between Paris and Lyon. Just sayin'. French truck drivers, however, can only envy our stack trains.

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