In the interest of greater inclusivity, Hartford's Trinity College (which can no longer refer to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost) eliminates fraternities and sororities by mandating balanced membership of student sanctioned organizations.
The Trinity social code is more subtle and insidious: It makes it impossible for Greek houses to exist. First of all, all campus "social organizations" must henceforth meet nearly 50-50 gender quotas, both in membership and leadership. So much for the traditional single-sex Greek structure. Then, they must be officially approved by the Trinity administration--and students who associate with unapproved groups "will be subject to separation from the College." The houses must also terminate their affiliations with national Greek single-sex organizations. Furthermore, Trinity has given itself the right to sieze and sell the houses of fraternities and sororities that do not comply with the above rules and turn them over to more compliant organizations. And notably, the code exempts campus athletic, musical, and academic organizations from its strictures: it's aimed squarely at the Greeks.
Perhaps the chess club qualifies as an academic organization. What happens, though, if a model railroad occupies a substantial part of a floor in the student center?

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