More progress on the railroad.

The framing for all three levels in the northwest corner is finished.

The middle level dead-ends in that corner.  It's a model of the Rockport terminus of the Gloucester Branch, with almost all the actual tracks laid by the Boston and Maine present.

Supporting benchwork for the two levels in the northeast corner continues.

Get a short section of L-girder into proper alignment, then clamp and brace a longer section in place for drilling and screwing.  The plywood above will support the Cockwood Harbour diorama.

Yes, it's actually three model railroads in one.  The main level is a portion of the Eastern Route of the Boston and Maine, with some modeller's license.  The upper level is the Great Western Main Line from Starcross to Dawlish Warren at one end, and a piece of the South Donetsk Railroad at the other.

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