Sometimes it takes 59 minutes and 57 seconds to win a game.  Left out of the recap:  Josh Sitton T. J. Lang pouncing on an Aaron Rodgers fumble to make the fourth down play possible.  The Packer defense had trouble in the second half, but got the stop when it counted.

But that provokes a question: Packer coach Mike McCarthy called for a field goal with 4:09 to go, rather than attempt a fourth-down conversion to set up, if not to get, a tying touchdown.  The radio analysts had the coach "putting it on the defense" (more accurately, showing confidence in the defense.)  Isn't that a logical error?  Score the touchdown, the defense still has to protect the tie?  Fail to convert the fourth down?  The defense is under the same pressure to get the ball back as it is after the field goal.

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