Electroliner repairs might require until 2017 to complete.
The [Illinois Railway Museum's] Electroliner received an external restoration when it returned to Illinois in the 1980s, but problems with the train's eight electric motors prevented the streamliner from returning to operation. Work is now under way to return the luxury streamliner to operable condition within the next three years. In addition to work on the motors, work is needed on the wheels, trucks, air brakes and air conditioning before it can be operated.
Until then, here are a few illustrations of Electroliners in action.

Norwich Street, September 1958.

Ryan Road, early 1959.

Best seat on the train.  Racine, September 1958.

The other Electroliner, in preservation as a Liberty Liner in Pennsylvania, is operable, although it requires electrical work and the museum intends to undertake major body work.

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