Some lady soccer player at Syracuse mouths off to some guys under conditions that might come under the rubric of sexual harassment and the Perpetually Aggrieved -- Syracuse being the institution where Donna Shalala first figured out the formula for political correctness, sports visibility, and gutting academic departments -- figure there hasn't been enough in the way of diversity and inclusion, or privilege-checking, or properly ranking the Totem Pole of Oppression.

Gotta love those requests, though.  On the one hand, "more open dialogues" but on the other, "mandatory dialogue class."  There's never any dialogue, anyway: it's the Anointed hectoring the Unwashed.  Four legs good, two legs baaaaaad.  As Dave Huber of The College Fix notes (remarking on PC atrocities at several universities including Syracuse),
It truly remains a mystery why, since progressives/liberals dominate lower education, so many college students require the services of a Vice President for Equity and Diversity from an Office for Equity and Diversity, a director of an Office for Diversity in Graduate Education, and/or a student Director of Inclusive Excellence and Equality.

What happened in elementary, middle and high school? Weren’t students taught to embrace diversity and be tolerant of other cultures then? Of course they were. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being silly.

Which means there’s another motive at work at campuses. Gosh, what might that be …?
Those deanlets and deanlings have to come up with new programs to justify their existence. Never mind that paying them to sit around at the nearby coffee-house all day might be more productive.

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