In the Traditional Travelling Circus, colourful costumes inspired by the garb of Africa or Araby or Asia reinforced the exoticity of the menagerie and the animal acts.

On occasion, similar trappings would be provided for show animals.

Take away the caption and contemplate the male chauvinism of veiling.

That is, if the women of the fevered brow will bother.  Heck, in a world where a video catching catcallers in action features too many men of color, there might be some sympathy for the practice of veiling, in order that there will be no temptation to engage in catcalling.  But that form of self-abasing multiculturalism clashes with another strain of activism, one in which women ought be free to wear anything anywhere, and carouse freely, and seek redress thereafter, never mind the violation of civil liberties that follows.

Veiling is a manifestation of a mock-worthy primitive belief system.  The so-called rape culture, a manifestation of a mock-worthy post-modern belief system.
While the modern feminist movement won women tremendous freedoms educationally, professionally, personally, and sexually, it often leaves women feeling anything but empowered.

The reality is these freedoms have too often come at the expense of all values and traditions. We’ve in effect thrown the helpful social mores out with the old-fashioned bathwater. But it’s the modern feminist movement, which ushered away any hint of traditional chivalry and gendered expectations, that’s in part to blame.
Yes, but speaking to women without permission!

Until younger people figure it out, though, it's unlikely that the social conditions of taverns in the States, and of life generally under sharia, will improve, particularly for women.

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