In the summer of 1981, my dad and I went on a quest for the last operable GG-1s.  We found a few, including one in its proper coloration.  That one took us by surprise.

Rahway, New Jersey, late June, 1981.

We were also there for a ride on a Metroliner, but by the time we got there, the Metroliner cars had mostly been cascaded to the Harrisburg service, with just more Amcoaches and box-cabs on the faster schedules.  But we had purchased tickets for Baltimore and got on the rake that pulled into 30th Street Station.  Then the fun began.  I noticed some mileposts outside the window, decided to check the timing.  32 seconds ... 31 seconds ... 30 seconds ... dad was skeptical ... look, there's another one!

And thus did I discover that the "Toaster" or "Swedish Meatball" locomotives might have been able to do something even the GG-1s couldn't do, which is sustained fast running.

And now motor 915 from that series is going to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

"'If the GG1 represented the initial electrification of the rail lines between New York and Washington and Philadelphia and Harrisburg, the AEM7 was a worthy successor for a new era,' the museum noted." Indeed.

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