In March, the South Shore Line re-introduced a morning and evening limited train service between South Bend and Chicago  The service met immediate approval, and a plan.
Get some warmer weather, and those long late spring evenings in Indiana, and a trip report on the Evening Hot Shot will be in order.  A return to Chicago in time to catch the last scoots west is possible.
I give you the long late-spring evening, last week Thursday.

There's construction on the platform at South Bend.  The stock from the Evening Hot Shot (OK, train 11) lays over until nearly 9 pm to return to Chicago, waiting for the last South Bend train of the evening to arrive from Chicago.  (There may no longer be any electrified passing tracks east of Michigan City.)  The rake is six cars.  The crews shepherd all South Bend passengers into the lead two eastbound, and close the other four departing Dune Park.  There was standing room only to East Chicago, and two cars would comfortably hold the remaining passengers beyond Dune Park.  On the return working, passengers are being sent to the lead two coaches, although all six ran through to Chicago.

There's still a small museum inside the South Bend airport, although with the expanded and secure passenger terminal, no more watching flight operations.  The museum mentions a rail-to-air service, interurban to South Bend and a plane to Detroit.

These days, the last air departure of the evening is a jet to Las Vegas.  I was too busy looking for the cafe to check for transferring passengers.  South Shore used to boast connections to both Gary-Chicago and South Bend Regional airports.  Does anything commercial fly out of Gary these days?

As far as those "last scoots" -- your Superintendent is still capable of hoofing it from Van Buren on the Metra Electric to North Western station in under 25 minutes, and thus made the 10.40 to Elburn.

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