Play the clip of Hillary Clinton trashing the basket of deplorables and listen (if you can stand it) to the usual litany of dog-whistles.  And yes, argues Neo-Neocon, they are dog whistles.  "Clinton also listed a string of types of bigotry she alleges that these Trump supporters exhibit, not just the white supremacy aspect: 'Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.'"  Go read both posts.  She explains why it's an error to refer to sensible fears as phobias.

Rod Dreher takes the response in a different direction.
I do firmly believe that in her basket of deplorables she puts traditional Christians, thinking us “homophobic.” In fact, I would love to hear her talk about what, exactly, are the factors she considers in whether or not someone is a “homophobe,” a “xenophobe,” an “Islamophobe,” a “racist,” or a “sexist.”

For example, is it possible to hold any traditional Christian beliefs about human sexuality and not be considered homophobic by Hillary Clinton? Is there any position on immigration to the right of her own that people can hold without being judged mentally ill or morally deficient by her? How about on Islam? Let’s hear it.

Because what I hear when I listen to her words is that Hillary Clinton thinks anybody who disagrees with her on race, women’s issues, LGBT issues, and the rest, is wicked.
Plus a True Summation of Hillary of the Deplorable Health's mindset.
[The clip] plays directly into the stereotype of Hillary Clinton as an arrogant, bossypants liberal elitist. And it confirms another stereotype: that the Left doesn’t simply consider its opponents wrong, but also terrified and hate-filled, and therefore irrational and evil. You can’t reason with people like that, you know; you just have to use the power of the state to roll over them.

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