There's quite the divisional race shaping up in the National League, Central Division.  Early in the season, the Cubs were regularly shutting out the Brewers.  Now it's summer, and the Brewers are returning the favor.

It's been a series with crazy plays, last night the Brewers tricked the Cubs into mis-playing a rundown, and today the Cubs kept two relief pitchers in the lineup in the ninth.
[Cub manager Joe] Maddon got very creative with his alignment in the bottom of the eighth. He brought in right-hander Steve Cishek to open the inning, with the Brewers pinch-hitting Eric Thames. Maddon then brought in left-hander Brian Duensing and inserted Cishek in left field. Duensing struck out Thames on four pitches, then Maddon re-inserted Cishek to face Cain and moved Duensing to left. Cishek got Cain to ground out, then Duensing was re-inserted to face Christian Yelich with catcher Willson Contreras then taking Duensing's place in left.
Now comes the weekend, with the Cubs playing at St. Louis, that will fill the Lincoln Service trains, and the Brewers hosting the Phillies, a team with playoff hopes of their own.

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