Or is that too intersectional, using a cattle-drive reference to bring George Orwell's musings about the cultural left up-to-date.  I can't make this stuff up. Vegans must feed everyone, not just wealthy white people.  I suppose if you can't prove the Goldbach Conjecture, you might as well guilt-trip your fellow social justice warriors.
The vegan vision is one of global sustainability, but the community’s actions suggest interest in a costly and homogeneous culture. If vegans are truly committed to cleaner and more compassionate consumption, they need to recognize the importance of making plant-based diets accessible to everyone.

The first step in making a more inclusive veganism would be to stop acting so bourgeoisie.
Hmm, the trendy freakazoids used to make a virtue of their communism.  Or perhaps incoherence is the new coherence.
Our struggles are intersectional. Instead of attacking movements that combat racism and classism, the cruelty-free community has to realize that they only alienate potential vegans by belittling others’ hardships. Amplify the voices of vegans from all different backgrounds, and we will be on a much shorter road to a kinder, more sustainable world.
But such writing provides amusement for National Review's Kat Timpf.  "Now, just like I’m not sure how many people are being turned off of veganism by cashew cheese prices, I’m also sure how many are being turned off by the radical animal-rights rhetoric, but in a sense, she’s right. Seeing something so inflammatory attributed to the movement certainly does show that the movement could benefit from avoiding that, getting together, and rallying around something more sensitive — but it also shows why that’s going to be impossible."  Sure, but the social justice warrior is in an excellent position to make a virtue both of being outraged, and of chiding everybody else for not being outraged enough.  "Despite Larcher’s best efforts and op-eds, it’s going to be impossible to have any kind of “united” voice for a movement when the movement has so many different and passionate sects — especially considering that the only thing harder than getting a chicken-slave advocate to shut up about speciesism is getting a Whole Foods–advocate to shut up about how their vegan coconut “bacon” tastes just like the real thing."

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