There's plenty of blame to go around.  But students are staying away.
Mizzou News Bureau associate director Liz McCune said that the Discovery, Responsibility and Center halls will close to “ensure that we are maximizing the space we have and being as efficient as possible with our resources.” Other shuttered residence halls include Respect, Excellence, Schurz, and McDavid.

McCune told the news station that the halls are closing to “make sure we have the flexibility necessary whether the numbers are low or high,” adding that if the enrollment numbers are low, Mizzou won’t have to operate the unfilled residences. If the numbers go up, they can simply reopen them to accommodate the demand.

The associate director said that despite the closures, the university plans to open a new 279-bed hall for the 2017-2018 school year.
Too bad they couldn't put wings on the empty dorms and hire them out to United.

The trustees have a problem.  "Mizzou leaders have until April 28 to figure out how to make up for the university’s $20 million shortfall in the budget."  The faculty are likely to take it in the shorts.

But as bad as things might be at Mizzou, it could always be worse in Illinois.

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