I've long noted that the point of rotaries is to simplify traffic flow, and it defeats their purpose to provide multiple lanes.

Until recently, the plague of overdesigned rotaries has been quarantined to north of the Cheddar Curtain.  They're now turning up in Rockford.  Overdesign plus flatlanders equals trouble.
Now, the city is trying to help with the traffic flow.

Orange flags have been attached to every sign at main and Auburn. The city hopes this will help drivers get through the circle. This is the state’s first two-lane roundabout.
If the highway department has to remind drivers to stay in lane, the concept is flawed.

Not only that, the plague of long semi-trailers is going to mean the rules will be selectively enforced, if at all.  There has to be a way to discourage those things, perhaps by collecting an extra-special large road use tax on any trailer placarded "CAUTION.  Wide Turn."  And it's just a matter of time before a small car using the outer lane around gets crushed by a road-elephant leaving the rotary by way of the inner lane.

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