Beer-'n-circus at ZooConn, and Dave Zirin counts the cost.
So let us recap: we have a team of majority African-American basketball players not getting an education and not getting paid, but generating millions of dollars for their coach and billions of dollars for the NCAA, CBS and the assorted sponsors. We have a state college suffering budget cuts and tuition hikes, that has been trashed by students thrilled that their team of unpaid mercenaries has brought them a measure of reflected glory.
In the men's tournament, Connecticut comes off a one-year excommunication for low graduation rates, while graduation rates are moot at Kentucky, serving as a developmental league for the pros.  Provokes a wicked thought: suppose that in lieu of athletic scholarships, players in the so-called revenue sports qualify for loans along the income-contingent lines proposed long ago by Milton Friedman.  In the women's tournament, it's Connecticut and Notre Dame and Tennessee and Stanford all the time.  Yawn.

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