Western Ontario's John Palmer reminds readers of the Fatal Flaw of Vanguardism. "[T]he sad, simple fact is that the more power gubmnt and politicians have over resources, the greater the incentive for individuals to try to influence gubmnt policy, politicians, and the behaviour of bureaucrats."  Perhaps, one day, Ralph Nader will figure it out.
Someday, I imagine, someone will organize a “national society of serious people” that can put this hedonistic corporatism on the nation’s table so we can examine its destruction of human potential and what we convey to our posterity.

We can start by asking why the corporatists – those most sensually exploitative institutions – can so often get away using, for free, our own commonly owned property (public airwaves, the public lands, the internet, the trillions of dollars of taxpayer research and development given to corporations) against the interests of “we the people” and, most cruelly, our children.
That's what the kiddie corps at MSNBC imagines itself doing.  But nobody is listening.  And somehow, holding yourself forth as Serious People who Care, and who Know Better, isn't likely to change many minds.  Or, for that matter, have any lasting effect.  Grousing about the exploitation of the average Joe is an effective road to power.  Exploiting the average Joe is easier to do, once one has that power.

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