Without a constituency rendered unemployable by "progressive" education and the minimum wage, there'd be no victims for the administration at Chicago State to claim to protect.
There is only one permissible multi-part narrative for Chicago State: [president] Wayne Watson as champion of the African American students, opposed by “disgruntled white faculty”; Wayne Watson as the infallible great leader; frankly, Wayne Watson as the heroic educational “reformer”. Any deviation from that party line by anyone risks severe consequences. Neither Willie Preston nor Brittany Bailey [dissident students active in student government] subscribe to that narrative and the administration has responded accordingly.

According to the pleading, [the dissidents having sued the university] the administration’s abuses begin with a conversation between [presidential aide-de-camp] Angela Henderson and Preston in Fall 2011. After the “Occupy Cook” event in November of that year, Henderson asked Preston to meet with her. Demonstrating that she viewed Chicago State’s students as a bunch of weak-minded fools, Henderson advised Preston (who she apparently believed had just fallen off the turnip truck in front of the school) that “faculty members were using students to attempt to hurt the President who she said was fighting every day to ensure African American students had just as many opportunities as white students across the state.” Henderson warned Preston that “he should not let a ‘bunch of white, Communist, atheist professors’ trick him.”
Wow.  That's coming from an administrator of color who fancies Chicago State to be an Experimental Prefigurative College of Transformation for the impoverished of Chicago.

As the post's author goes on to note, the totalitarianism isn't in the faculty alone.
Someone who disagrees with the administration of Wayne Watson, someone who attempts to exercise the right of free expression, is warned, threatened, harassed with judicial affairs complaints and subjected to arrest and prosecution. I suppose this is what the university means when it talks about “progressive discipline.”
But without the professors properly exercising their responsibilities and their rights, the learning environment at Chicago State will not improve.  If the pretensions of the diversity hustlers in the administration get exposed along the way, so much the better.

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