The Chicago Tribune posted a then-and-now of D-Day sites as they appeared in 1944, and as they are now.  This is what victory looks like.

Omaha Beach, near Colleville-sur-Mer, 23 August 2013
Reuters photograph by Chris Helgren, courtesy Chicago Tribune.

On Monday, the USO of Wisconsin held its annual fund-raising golf outing at Ironwood Golf Course.

Almost looks like a motor pool somewhere in England.  The Milwaukee Fire and Police Pipes provide  suitable music.  The golf outing was of the scramble format, meaning the camaraderie of the day, rather than the quality of any player's shots, was prior.  And the USO have resources to do their good works on the front line, and in the clinics.

Our war dead are not able to participate, but perhaps their survivors and heirs can share in the fruits of their victories.

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