Chicago State president-for-life Wayne Watson is pretty repulsive, himself.

The University Professionals of Illinois, a bargaining unit at Chicago State, protests the trustees' decision to de-recognize the faculty senate.
Although the Faculty Senate is not constituted by the CSU/UPI Contract, it was created by the Faculty Constitution of 1965, which has not been superseded.  The Senate is, furthermore, a crucial element of university governance and faculty rights in such areas as academic standards, curricular review, etc.  Its apparent suspension also has implications for faculty evaluation, an important contractual matter; these are enumerated below.
The contract apparently provides for compensating university service, and the unilateral abrogation of the senate has the potential to cut faculty wages.  More importantly, though -- and the union's assertion isn't sufficiently forceful -- academic standards and curricular review are primary responsibilities of the faculty.  Deanlets and deanlings exist to ensure the delivery of proper teaching.  It is not their place to determine what proper teaching is.

The national office of the American Association of University Professors, ordinarily a body content to go along with administrative usurpations when done for the Proper Reasons, has alerted senior administrators of Chicago State that they have gone too far.  Developing.

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