OK, it's not a tide, it's a rise in the level of Lake Michigan account a couple of cold winters and a return of the spring rains.  But the bigger recreational powerboats that now dock along the Milwaukee River mean more work for the bridge tenders.  (The priviligentsia cannot go north of Wisconsin Avenue without giving two hours' notice, same idea as the sailboat runs in Chicago at open and close of the yachting season.)  What intrigues, though, is that a number of the drawbridges are controlled remotely from other bridges.  Water Street, just before the confluence of the Milwaukee and Menominee rivers, remotely controls the two Sixth Street draws, which still see the passage of bulk freighters.  It's those freighters that require some tenders on duty at all hours.  And you gotta like a story where someone refers to "down by Potawatomi."

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