It's long been possible for careful Illinois collegians to start at a community college and sign up for courses that will transfer -- the term of art is articulation -- to a state university, provided the package of credits is right.  In Wisconsin, there have been teething troubles,  Now comes a further complication.  Some years ago, the state university system set up a number of regional centers that offered the liberal arts courses of freshman and sophomore years, with transfer to the four-year state universities, including Madison and Milwaukee.  These University of Wisconsin centers were distinct from the regional vocational and technical colleges already existing.  Recently, state legislators, looking for new ways to be tight with a buck, have noticed that there are thirteen regional centers and sixteen technical colleges, sometimes in close proximity.  The dual system seems to work well -- has anybody looked at the difficulties someone enrolling in a technical college has switching to the state universities?  And yet, in other states there are institutions that offer the liberal arts courses and the vocational and technical programs -- community colleges.

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