A train robber low-rent jihadi attempts to shoot up an Amsterdam to Paris Thalys (foiled by unarmed Americans) and right away the national security nannies want more careful screening of passengers boarding trains.  Give the Trenchant Observation of the Day to Jim Loomis of Travel and Trains.

If you want elaboration:
Amtrak has more than 500 stations and more than a few of those are in the middle of nowhere where, on a busy night, five or six passengers may board. And TSA is going to be there? At what cost? And for what purpose? To intercept a terrorist who decides to launch his diabolic plot by boarding the Empire Builder when it arrives in Staples, Minnesota, two hours late at 3:30 a.m.? Seriously?

And then there’s the whole business of commuter rail. Are they proposing that the millions of commuters pouring into major cities from the suburbs all have to take their shoes off, empty their pockets, and pass through metal detectors twice a day, five days a week?
But the inspection disease appears to be infecting the European Union as well. Here's Schnitzel Republic, being too polite to ask "Ist's nicht ein Haufen Mist?"
There's a discussion underway now on more background checks of passengers and baggage on trains.  It's hard for me to imagine how they would do this and how they'd ensure the security required to make this work (TSA-like situations would upset everyone).

There's talk of a registered ticket....meaning you have to show your passport or use some form of ID with the on-line purchase of the ticket.  Presently, you can walk up to a German machine at any bahnhof and buy a ticket with cash or credit card.  It takes roughly sixty seconds to buy such a ticket.....even a long-distance ticket from Frankfurt to Amsterdam via ICE (the high-speed rail service).
That's presumably at the major stations, where the international expresses pick up and set down. But trains make intermediate stops.
How this would work with 500-odd customers showing up at the Frankfurt bahnhof and boarding on a train to Paris or Amsterdam....is beyond me. You'd have to have a protected area (fenced off), with five or six security people at the entrance way to the ramp to board.  The train would have to be sanctioned off and everyone checked prior to boarding.  A simple arrival and fifteen minutes of people boarding?  Impossible.  It'd take at least an hour for 500-odd riders to be checked via the registered ticket process and have their bags checked prior to leaving the station.

The Frankfurt station wasn't built to be a security enhanced facility....neither was the new Berlin station, the old Wiesbaden station....or for that matter....any station in Germany.

Even if you got past the idea of doing this for a dozen-odd routes in Europe, what about the 3,000 short-range routes?  Like Wiesbaden to Eltville (a twenty-minute ride)?  Or Kaiserslautern to Saarbrucken (a twenty-five minute ride)?  These would all be unprotected?  Yeah. If I were the Jihadist guy....it'd take five minutes to figure out that I need to go on a short-distance train to get my message across instead of the international route train.

The thing is....if you ride the German rail enough....it was designed in the past couple of decades for quick entry and exit.  A guy could arrive at some station and find the right ramp in a matter of seconds, and enter a train.  Trains would usually pull into major stations and be there for no more than fifteen minutes while people got off or got on.  Then they'd pull out.
How quickly the security weenies forget that September 11 hijacker Mohammed Atta went through security at Portland, Maine, before transferring at Boston.  And he was an illegal alien at the time, his student visa extension still in the bureaucracy.  It's enough to make even the solidly blue Destination: Freedom (out of Massachusetts) run an editorial (without further attribution) out of Europe that reads like Patrick Buchanan or Donald Trump.
After the attack on the Amsterdam – Brussels – Paris Thalys train, once again heavily armed police appeared in train stations and platforms across parts of Europe, especially along the Thalys train route from Amsterdam – Paris route.

In this instance, the perpetrator has all the classic signs of being a radicalized Islamic terrorist, including a long history of calling up and down loading violent Islamist videos and material from the internet and a recent trip to fight alongside with ISIS in Syria. It is not clear if the young Moroccan was legally in Europe. He moved to Spain from Morocco as a teenager, and after perhaps seven years in Spain, he seemed to drift between France and Belgium. Both countries have, like Spain, a significant and growing number of immigrants from North Africa, including Morocco. According to numerous press reports, authorities in several countries including France had this suspect “on their radar” before the incident happened.

Really? On the “Radar Screen?” So if he was on their “radar” before he attacked, were the authorities here in Europe simply waiting for him to kill, as they waited for something to simply happen with the perpetrators, allegedly also on their “radar”, of the Paris terror attacks in January 2015? Europe is currently under siege with a wave of human migration never seen since the years of World War 2. Few, if any, are being checked for connections to active terror groups when they make it to Italy, Spain or Greece, although the current tsunami of immigrants arriving in Europe are predominantly from countries with serious Islamic terrorist problems such as Libya, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. Political leaders across the EU simply talk, but do not act, as the current immigration crisis goes from disastrous to horrific proportions. One cannot blame people from these countries for fleeing in attempt to escape terror and violence, but much blame can and should be laid upon spineless, politically correct and isolated political leaders in Germany and other EU countries for allowing this crisis to fester to these proportions. The main stream media has been their willing accomplice by glossing over facts and hiding information about the ugly side of this tidal wave of human trafficking and modern day slavery in Europe.
So turning all German stations (and Belgian and Austrian, can't speak for the rest of the common market) into places where All Tickets Must Be Shewn, the way they do it at Oxford and Reading and Bristol and wherever else The Great Western Way still prevails and bringing back the stern guards requesting Papers, Please is not going to compensate for Government Failure.
Meanwhile Europe’s extensive rail and public transit networks continue to move millions per day, so far rarely with any attacks from terrorists, despite the attempted attack in France over a week ago. Why is that? It is not dumb luck. It is the result of many working level police officers, security personnel, intelligence analysts and law enforcement professionals. On Friday, the 21st of August, one terrorist obviously slipped through their web of security measures, possibly because politically correct politicians did not allow preventive measures such as deportation or detention of the suspect much earlier. Fortunately the brave US soldiers by pure coincidence plugged this security gap literally at the very last minute as the terrorist attempted to begin his planned shooting spree on a crowded high speed train headed to Paris. We express our deepest thanks to these US soldiers for their actions on that day . . . and we thank very deeply the other heroes, the thousands of men and women working, often unnoticed and out of public view, in the trenches of various agencies on the front lines in airports, train stations and sea ports providing security to passengers and crews of trains, planes, ships and even buses and trucks around the world. They are also true heroes.

And to the spineless EU politicians, who continue to ignore the suffering, conflict, slavery and violence, which they are enabling through giving a green light and blank check to human traffickers and slave traders by leaving the borders wide-open without suitable checks and controls and alternatives for refugees other than mass and uncontrolled fleeing to Europe – your day of reckoning is coming, and hopefully before the next criminal human trafficker murders another 70 or more refugees in transit or another disgruntled and radicalized immigrant attempts a bombing or shooting spree on a train or elsewhere. Your refusal to give police, various coast guards and other law enforcement the resources and tools they needs to control and secure the borders of the EU in these dangerous times makes you the real villains in this on-going crisis.
Spineless bureaucrats, excuse the redundancy. But that's the kind of adjective The Donald might use!

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