It's standard procedure, these days, for institutions of higher education to appoint some kind of chief diversity officer, whose portfolio might include compliance with the relevant statutes governing employment, as well as making sure that everybody plays nicely with others and perhaps having the themed posters ready for each of the Awareness months.  But when the diversity enterprise doesn't seem to work well (that's the charitable interpretation) or it riles up discord (which no amount of campaigning against micro-aggressions will quell) is it worth paying that individual more than high public officials.  Thanks to  Katherine Timpf (via College Insurrection), let facts be submitted to a candid World.
As the state of Illinois is struggling with budget problems, Northern Illinois University, a public school, just hired a “chief diversity officer” that will make more than almost every member of Congress and almost every governor.
You saw it here first.  Perhaps I erred in pointing out that the university could have hired a few faculty members to cover classes that are these days notional, when I could have made the comparison with public officials.  Or perhaps it's more revealed preference.  With football season approaching, a chief diversity officer is still cheaper than a good running backs coach, and it's that program the university would like to highlight, not postponed graduations for lack of classes to complete schedules.

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