Chris Matthews signed off his Hillary Clinton infomercial last night with another gripe about too much money in (Republican) politics.

Key takeaway: Mr Matthews mentions the tax code, and energy, and foreign policy.  Simplify the tax code, provide clear and simple regulations on energy use, and avoid complicated trade pacts, and there will be fewer rents generated for rent-seekers to seek.

But to do so might be the end of the preceding 45 minutes of "Hardball" during which the punditry extol the virtues of Expertise Improving Lives, which keeps the punditry employed and generates all sorts of rents for K Street types to dissipate.  That's all they understand governing to be.

Just go read and understand Ronald Bailey's evaluation of economist Angus Deaton's fears.
Deaton observes that growth has from time to time taken off in various societies around the world only to be “snuffed out by powerful rulers or priests who either appropriated the innovations for themselves or banned the activity altogether because it threatened their own positions.” His chief concern is that the super-rich will capture our political system and seek to choke off the sources of Schumpeterian creative destruction that threaten to undermine their fortunes. Will a rising class of crony capitalists kill off economic growth here? Good question.
That makes Mr Matthews's sputtering about the Koch Brothers precious. If anything, the Koch Brothers are attempting to prevent other rent seekers from undermining their fortunes.  The generalization to trade, immigration, and patent policies is left to the reader as an exercise.

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