That's probably not why Democrat members of Congress broke into the home run song (video at the link) as the Republicans voted on their modifications to the still-misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  When Donks have antagonized Chris Cilizza ...
Democrats believed many Republicans had just cost themselves their political careers by voting for an overhaul of Obamacare.

And the DC political class wonders why people hate them.

I understand that Democrats not only didn't like the way this bill was passed -- without any estimates on what it might cost or how many people might lose coverage as a result -- but also believed the policies contained in it would leave the country and its people considerably worse off.

That is a worthy conversation to have. But, that's not what Democrats were doing. Instead, they were jeering and mocking their colleagues.
But Mr Cilizza is too committed to his prior to see the real problem.
Poll after poll suggests that one thing both sides broadly agree on is that they prefer bipartisan compromise to go-it-alone-ism. When House Democrats act like they did today -- or President Trump acts like he does almost every day -- we get further and further from even the possibility of finding common ground or even just talking to each other like human beings.

It also convinces people not in Washington or not involved in politics that the people who are representing them in DC have no real idea what they care about or value.

That's a very bad thing for the long-term health of our democracy.
Not as bad as the Washington obsession under which the political class must be Seen Doing Something.  We've had what, ten years on insurance and liability, which is to say stuff of interest to rent-seekers and trial lawyers and policy wonks.  But there's been little emphasis on practitioners and therapies, apart from driving down the returns to their efforts or taxing their use.

And the House Democrats aren't exactly endearing themselves to the #basketofdeplorables.

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