The students of Northern Illinois University are discovering the Red Light rating the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has bestowed on the speech and harassment codes.  The author of a letter to The Northern Star isn't happy about it.
To my knowledge, nobody within the administration at NIU has contacted FIRE for guidance or assistance in fixing policies that restrict speech. Perhaps it is effective to describe the situation in economic terms once again and remind NIU that restricting students’ constitutional rights can result in costly litigation. If NIU continues its current trend, it isn’t just a broken institution but an abject failure of one.
One of three editors, in the year-end evaluation of president Doug Baker's accomplishments, also noted, unfavorably, the presence of that red light.  A second editor referred to a "freedom of expression" policy, which, as the free speech zone policy remains in effect, will do nothing to change that red light, will not make the possibility of litigation go away.

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