Northern Illinois University, where high-level administrators transgress the boundaries of ethical behavior, and improvements proposed by high-priced lawyers go from their lips to Doug Baker's ears.
While lawmakers in Springfield struggle to agree upon a full budget for the third consecutive year and NIU employees are in danger of losing their jobs, a four-month $468,050.39 investigation conducted in 2014 provided only an oral report of recommendations for improved reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.
Northern Star reporters are properly troubled by all this money spent on reviews and butt-covering while faculty morale craters and buildings fall apart.  (And there is a lot of money, read the article.)

We're going to need a bigger box.
There has been concern with Baker’s performance as president since he began at NIU in fall of 2013. This year Baker and the Board of Trustees agreed it is an appropriate time to open the Board’s annual review to faculty, staff and students, according to an April 17 Baker Report.

NIU entered into a $30,000 contract with the firm Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Inc., according to a contract received April 21 through a FOIA request submitted to NIU by the Northern Star. The consulting firm will “facilitate face-to-face interviews with approximately 100 members of the university community” to evaluate Baker, according to the report.
Conveniently for headquarters, the spring semester is about to end, and those troublesome students and faculty will be otherwise occupied, earning money or concentrating on research.

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