Some faculty at Chicago State University have little confidence in president Wayne Watson.  The president has given faculty ample cause to lack confidence.  The governing board, however, continues to stand behind the president and his minions.
In contrast, the criterion most valued at Chicago State seems to be political alliances. Any political hack can lead this university as long as he or she pays obeisance to the persons pulling the strings: the local politicians who are responsible for putting that person into power.
That "in contrast" invokes the University of Illinois at Urbana, where two successive presidents have antagonized the faculty.  B. Joseph White had to leave in the wake of legislative clout admissions coming to light, and Michael Hogan antagonized enough senior faculty that he had to leave.

Chicago State, however, is an expense-preference playpen for diversity hustlers, never mind the corrosive effect on faculty morale.
Obviously, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees is capable of transcending the rhetoric of its chair to focus on the well-being of the institution. Our board is not capable of that kind of independent decision making. Of course, no one in power in this state really gives a damn about Chicago State University.
Summarized, in one sentence, what the soft bigotry of low expectations leads to.

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