Campus rape.  The women of the fevered brow look for its cause everywhere but at the social norms.
More often than not, the male complainant in these suits alleges that the sexual encounter was consensual. He claims not to have known that the other party was too intoxicated to consent, or that he stopped when she showed signs of distress.
Advantage, Harvey Mansfield. "Not having a sociable drink but getting blind drunk is today’s preliminary to sex."  At Ms, however, it's OK for rabbits to be rabbits, as long as they're properly enlightened
To colleges who want to avoid lawsuits from both survivors and alleged perpetrators in the future: Educate your students. Teach them the definition of enthusiastic consent, show them what it looks like in real-world situations, and remind them, over and over, what is expected of them when engaging in sexual activity with other members of their campus community.
"Enthusiastic consent" appears to be strongly correlated with temperance.  It's not, however, the Antioch College serial permissions policy writ large.  And it's unnecessary in any environment in which people interact with other people as thinking people, rather than as rabbits.

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