Football training camps are opening, and Northern Illinois athletics director Sean Frazier teases fans with the prospect of home-and-home tilts.
"We'll be rolling something out in the next couple weeks on specific home-and-home contests with major conferences. I'm excited about that," Frazier said. "There's some name-brand institutions that will be in DeKalb, and we'll go to their place, and we'll have a whole balanced approach to that.

"I know it's something I've talked to coach (Rod) Carey about, and it's something that's in my DNA. We don't mind going on the road, but we want them back in DeKalb."
Trust but verify. I've heard this song before, and sometime between the enthusiastic announcement, and the home game in four or five years, comes a switch to Soldier Field.

But Mr Carey understands that if you're standing still, you're falling behind.
Carey called college football recruiting "an arms race."

Carey said the Chessick Practice Center, which opened last year, has played a big part in the Huskies' recruiting success so far.

"Recruiting is an arms race, you've just got to call it what it is," Carey said. "Like Sean (Frazier) said earlier, you're either moving forward or moving back. That was a big step forward for us. It's made a big difference."
For now, although with the five major conferences positioning themselves to render the NCAA redundant, the Mid-American conference might be the football equivalent of Upper Volta with (Toledo) Rockets.

And I have seen no evidence of the university recognizing, and responding to, a similar arms race where the recruitment of accomplished students and a faculty worthy of those students is concerned.

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