In Forbes, Justin Shubow proposes to lead us back into Penn Station.  Yes, there's another makeover of the existing complex in the works, but it's more cookie-cutter meh.  Perhaps there is a better way.
McKim’s Penn Station is part of New York City’s patrimony. It was civic property stolen from New Yorkers, and indeed all Americans, and it should be returned to their rightful heirs: us.

The irony is that while opponents of classical architecture demand “innovation” and “novelty” at all costs, nothing would be more dramatic than rebuilding a magnificent civic temple. It would be an inspiring story of life after death, of urban resurrection.

Governor Cuomo is to be commended for his bold plans to revolutionize New York City’s foremost gateway. Rebuilding Penn Station is the best way to make that transformation a triumph.
There is an initiative to do just that.  With specifics.

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