This morning on Meet the Press, somebody speculated that Donald Trump's tax returns aren't yet public because there might be an inconvenient truth in them.  Perhaps a yuge donation to Planned Parenthood.  It's the Sunday shows, and it's still the silly season, although Mrs Clinton's victory speech in South Carolina last night sounded a lot like a convention acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, the Republicans might either be close to having Mr Trump bringing enough delegates to Cleveland to win, or to having a convention that doesn't ratify a primary outcome, which would be precious, precisely because the Republicans have done a lot of tweaking to their primary schedules precisely to have a definitive primary outcome.  The Democrats, on the other hand, have a lot of party elders who get to vote their conscience, the votes of primary participants or not.

It's to that Planned Parenthood speculation, though, that I wish to speak.  Here's Rebecca Hagelin, illustrating the contested culture war frontier.
It's no wonder that Donald Trump still supports and extols the virtues of Planned Parenthood, the organization that betrays women and girls at the most vulnerable time in their lives; the organization that encourages our teen daughters to be sexually active; the organization that is now notorious for selling baby body parts. It is the very philosophy of Planned Parenthood that Donald Trump uses to justify his decadent lifestyle choices. To both, women are largely sexual objects and men are allowed to treat them that way.
There's a lot of clickbait in that passage. There are also defenders of Planned Parenthood who will protest, perhaps correctly, that explaining options to sexually active teenagers is not the same thing as encouraging teenagers to be sexually active.  Undoubtedly the more rigorous old-style feminists will see in protecting those options, for women of all ages, anything but converting women into objects.

But it's not intentions that matter, it's outcomes.  And a man who brags in his writings about cuckolding other men is a man who is going to benefit from contraception and abortion.  Sex without consequences, forsooth!  Whether that is what the base of Planned Parenthood contributors wants, or not.

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