Ben Shapiro writes about the unmanning of American politics.  (It's not quite as graphic as a scene from the first episode of Vikings a few nights ago, but it's still not for the faint of heart.)
Normally, the masculinity gap in American politics could be filled by an upstanding man -- a man, yes, but one tied to values, a man who uses the aggressive instinct in pursuit of defending the innocent and punishing the guilty. But the feminist movement has made such men obsolete. Men were simply too dangerous; it was safer to emasculate them. Now men are expected to be betas; the only alphas left are toxic alphas willing to break every taboo and violate every standard.

There's still a space for masculinity in American politics. But thanks to the vacuum of decent men, indecent men rise. Men like Donald Trump.
That's one possibility.  I submit, though, that the cowed betas drew the wrong inference.

That is, the very people who are most shocked! outraged! appalled! at the way Mr Trump carries on are precisely the least capable of objecting.  Forty years of celebrating epater-les-bourgeois behavior and the artistic avant-garde and gender-bending and the pernicious affirmation of thug culture as authentic will do that.  Mr Trump is simply being authentic.  Authentically not politically correct, to be precise.

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