An oldie from Voluntary Xchange suggesting that special advisors to the president get a title other than "tsar."
Obama is the Caesar, cabinet secretaries are analogous to Roman governors, and the Roman dux to our czar.

The part of this that is missing (and I'm not expert enough to add it) is that under the Franks, a dux was named as the local (and loyal) representative of the Frankish king to rule over captive peoples who were still tribal, but while no longer nomadic didn’t really have a fixed geographic region either (for example Chrodobert was dux of the Alemans in the 7th century).
The dux, though, isn't necessarily loyal to the Frankish king, if this year's story arc in Vikings continues.  Rollo has the local authorities crossbow his temporarily not nomadic subjects, but there's likely to be more side-shifting as the season progresses.

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Dave Tufte said...

Rollo ... harumph ... what a jerk, right?

I'm not sure if dux was used as late as that. I know "The Vikings" telescopes time, but now they are in the last half of the 9th century. Wikipedia notes no usage of dux later than 778. And you're kind of in that transition period from Franks to France.