Kurt Schlichter's original effort envisioned two terms for Hillary, with conditions getting worse.

Now, he's envisioning regime change after one term.
The Tea Party was a polite request for fairness and respect, but the elite and its media lapdogs spat on you.

Donald Trump’s movement was an impolite request for fairness and respect, but the elite and their media lapdogs spat on your and, as we now know, rigged Hillary Clinton’s election.

Today, we are no longer demanding fairness and respect, and we will have it … by any means necessary!

For too long, the elites looked down on us even as they stole our labor and our heritage to enrich themselves. For too long, they hid behind laws that apply only to us and not to them, behind a media that lied to us to protect them, behind an economic system that stole from us to protect them. That ends today!

Enemies of the people and their lapdogs in the media, it is time for you to be held accountable!
It's a hypothetical inauguration address, framed as "a warning of what could come should the ruling class continue to at best ignore or actively oppress a large chunk of the citizenry."  That's cathartic, and it might keep the base involved.

Ultimately, though, "throw their briefcases into the Potomac" doesn't replace bad policy with good policy.  On the other hand, emergent opting-out in a variety of ways might lead to improvements.

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