The Nothing But Clinton Nightly News filed a report.

It's almost farcical.  Mr Clinton earns several millions of dollars delivering speeches at Laureate International campuses around the world.  In the United States, Laureate's "flagship campus" is called "Walden University."  As in a Doonesbury reference?  Was nobody paying attention?

It's almost too much for Margaret "University Diaries" Soltan.
The Clintons were just as willing to enrich themselves via the scummy tax-syphons as many Republicans were and are. Bill’s bogus chancellorship at a for-profit school paid him many millions to jet around the world now and then making inspirational speeches. UD is obviously a strong Hillary supporter, but the Clintons are paying now for what they did, and I’m afraid they deserve to.
Substantively Hillary Clinton's own words disqualify her for the presidency.

But as far as Laureate is concerned, it's just business as usual.  Mrs Clinton once endorsed Laureate's efforts, with passages such as "Bill likes [the Laureate president] 'a lot'." and "Pleased to support mission." Yeah, seventeen million dollars will buy a lot of like.  Pay to play is the Clinton Way.  "If you wanted to see Madam Secretary, you had to pay up."  Exactly as if you wanted to see Mr Ex-President.

So it always is with Big Government.  Expenditures lead to rent-seeking, and where there is rent-seeking, there will be scummy tax-syphons.

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